April 2026
Local calendar
Lat, Long: 50 46.9' N, 5 46.0' E     Time zone: +1:00     DST: Europe

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Twi A: 5:17am
Twi N: 6:00am
Twi: 6:40am
Rise: 7:14am
Noon: 1:41pm
Set: 8:08pm
Twi: 8:42pm
Twi N: 9:22pm
Twi A: 10:04pm
M-rise: 7:50pm
M-set: 6:48am
Len: 12h 55m
Full moon2
Twi A: 5:15am
Twi N: 5:58am
Twi: 6:38am
Rise: 7:11am
Noon: 1:41pm
Set: 8:10pm
Twi: 8:43pm
Twi N: 9:24pm
Twi A: 10:07pm
M-rise: 9:04pm
M-set: 6:59am
Full Moon: 4:13am
Len: 12h 58m
Twi A: 5:12am
Twi N: 5:55am
Twi: 6:36am
Rise: 7:09am
Noon: 1:40pm
Set: 8:11pm
Twi: 8:45pm
Twi N: 9:25pm
Twi A: 10:09pm
M-rise: 10:19pm
M-set: 7:12am
Len: 13h 2m
Twi A: 5:09am
Twi N: 5:53am
Twi: 6:33am
Rise: 7:07am
Noon: 1:40pm
Set: 8:13pm
Twi: 8:47pm
Twi N: 9:27pm
Twi A: 10:11pm
M-rise: 11:33pm
M-set: 7:28am
Len: 13h 6m
Twi A: 5:06am
Twi N: 5:50am
Twi: 6:31am
Rise: 7:05am
Noon: 1:40pm
Set: 8:15pm
Twi: 8:48pm
Twi N: 9:29pm
Twi A: 10:13pm
M-rise: none
M-set: 7:47am
Len: 13h 10m
Twi A: 5:04am
Twi N: 5:48am
Twi: 6:29am
Rise: 7:03am
Noon: 1:39pm
Set: 8:16pm
Twi: 8:50pm
Twi N: 9:31pm
Twi A: 10:15pm
M-rise: 12:46am
M-set: 8:13am
Len: 13h 14m
Twi A: 5:01am
Twi N: 5:45am
Twi: 6:27am
Rise: 7:00am
Noon: 1:39pm
Set: 8:18pm
Twi: 8:52pm
Twi N: 9:33pm
Twi A: 10:18pm
M-rise: 1:53am
M-set: 8:48am
Len: 13h 17m
Twi A: 4:58am
Twi N: 5:43am
Twi: 6:24am
Rise: 6:58am
Noon: 1:39pm
Set: 8:20pm
Twi: 8:54pm
Twi N: 9:35pm
Twi A: 10:20pm
M-rise: 2:52am
M-set: 9:35am
Len: 13h 21m
Twi A: 4:55am
Twi N: 5:40am
Twi: 6:22am
Rise: 6:56am
Noon: 1:39pm
Set: 8:21pm
Twi: 8:55pm
Twi N: 9:37pm
Twi A: 10:22pm
M-rise: 3:40am
M-set: 10:34am
Len: 13h 25m
Last quarter moon10
Twi A: 4:52am
Twi N: 5:38am
Twi: 6:20am
Rise: 6:54am
Noon: 1:38pm
Set: 8:23pm
Twi: 8:57pm
Twi N: 9:39pm
Twi A: 10:24pm
M-rise: 4:16am
M-set: 11:42am
Last Qtr: 6:53am
Len: 13h 29m
Twi A: 4:49am
Twi N: 5:36am
Twi: 6:17am
Rise: 6:52am
Noon: 1:38pm
Set: 8:24pm
Twi: 8:59pm
Twi N: 9:41pm
Twi A: 10:27pm
M-rise: 4:42am
M-set: 12:56pm
Len: 13h 33m
Twi A: 4:47am
Twi N: 5:33am
Twi: 6:15am
Rise: 6:50am
Noon: 1:38pm
Set: 8:26pm
Twi: 9:00pm
Twi N: 9:43pm
Twi A: 10:29pm
M-rise: 5:02am
M-set: 2:14pm
Len: 13h 36m
Twi A: 4:44am
Twi N: 5:31am
Twi: 6:13am
Rise: 6:48am
Noon: 1:38pm
Set: 8:28pm
Twi: 9:02pm
Twi N: 9:45pm
Twi A: 10:32pm
M-rise: 5:18am
M-set: 3:33pm
Len: 13h 40m
Twi A: 4:41am
Twi N: 5:28am
Twi: 6:11am
Rise: 6:45am
Noon: 1:37pm
Set: 8:29pm
Twi: 9:04pm
Twi N: 9:47pm
Twi A: 10:34pm
M-rise: 5:32am
M-set: 4:53pm
Len: 13h 44m
Twi A: 4:38am
Twi N: 5:26am
Twi: 6:08am
Rise: 6:43am
Noon: 1:37pm
Set: 8:31pm
Twi: 9:06pm
Twi N: 9:49pm
Twi A: 10:36pm
M-rise: 5:45am
M-set: 6:15pm
Len: 13h 48m
Twi A: 4:35am
Twi N: 5:23am
Twi: 6:06am
Rise: 6:41am
Noon: 1:37pm
Set: 8:33pm
Twi: 9:07pm
Twi N: 9:51pm
Twi A: 10:39pm
M-rise: 5:59am
M-set: 7:40pm
Len: 13h 51m
New moon17
Twi A: 4:32am
Twi N: 5:21am
Twi: 6:04am
Rise: 6:39am
Noon: 1:37pm
Set: 8:34pm
Twi: 9:09pm
Twi N: 9:53pm
Twi A: 10:41pm
M-rise: 6:14am
M-set: 9:09pm
New Moon: 1:53pm
Len: 13h 55m
Twi A: 4:29am
Twi N: 5:18am
Twi: 6:02am
Rise: 6:37am
Noon: 1:36pm
Set: 8:36pm
Twi: 9:11pm
Twi N: 9:55pm
Twi A: 10:44pm
M-rise: 6:33am
M-set: 10:42pm
Len: 13h 59m
Twi A: 4:26am
Twi N: 5:16am
Twi: 6:00am
Rise: 6:35am
Noon: 1:36pm
Set: 8:37pm
Twi: 9:13pm
Twi N: 9:57pm
Twi A: 10:47pm
M-rise: 6:59am
M-set: none
Len: 14h 2m
Twi A: 4:23am
Twi N: 5:13am
Twi: 5:57am
Rise: 6:33am
Noon: 1:36pm
Set: 8:39pm
Twi: 9:15pm
Twi N: 9:59pm
Twi A: 10:49pm
M-rise: 7:36am
M-set: 12:13am
Len: 14h 6m
Twi A: 4:20am
Twi N: 5:11am
Twi: 5:55am
Rise: 6:31am
Noon: 1:36pm
Set: 8:41pm
Twi: 9:16pm
Twi N: 10:01pm
Twi A: 10:52pm
M-rise: 8:28am
M-set: 1:34am
Len: 14h 10m
Twi A: 4:17am
Twi N: 5:08am
Twi: 5:53am
Rise: 6:29am
Noon: 1:36pm
Set: 8:42pm
Twi: 9:18pm
Twi N: 10:03pm
Twi A: 10:55pm
M-rise: 9:38am
M-set: 2:38am
Len: 14h 13m
Twi A: 4:13am
Twi N: 5:06am
Twi: 5:51am
Rise: 6:27am
Noon: 1:35pm
Set: 8:44pm
Twi: 9:20pm
Twi N: 10:05pm
Twi A: 10:57pm
M-rise: 11:00am
M-set: 3:23am
Len: 14h 17m
First quarter moon24
Twi A: 4:10am
Twi N: 5:03am
Twi: 5:49am
Rise: 6:25am
Noon: 1:35pm
Set: 8:45pm
Twi: 9:22pm
Twi N: 10:07pm
Twi A: 11:00pm
M-rise: 12:25pm
M-set: 3:54am
First Qtr: 4:33am
Len: 14h 21m
Twi A: 4:07am
Twi N: 5:01am
Twi: 5:47am
Rise: 6:23am
Noon: 1:35pm
Set: 8:47pm
Twi: 9:23pm
Twi N: 10:09pm
Twi A: 11:03pm
M-rise: 1:48pm
M-set: 4:15am
Len: 14h 24m
Twi A: 4:04am
Twi N: 4:58am
Twi: 5:44am
Rise: 6:21am
Noon: 1:35pm
Set: 8:49pm
Twi: 9:25pm
Twi N: 10:11pm
Twi A: 11:06pm
M-rise: 3:08pm
M-set: 4:31am
Len: 14h 28m
Twi A: 4:01am
Twi N: 4:56am
Twi: 5:42am
Rise: 6:19am
Noon: 1:35pm
Set: 8:50pm
Twi: 9:27pm
Twi N: 10:14pm
Twi A: 11:09pm
M-rise: 4:24pm
M-set: 4:44am
Len: 14h 31m
Twi A: 3:58am
Twi N: 4:53am
Twi: 5:40am
Rise: 6:17am
Noon: 1:35pm
Set: 8:52pm
Twi: 9:29pm
Twi N: 10:16pm
Twi A: 11:11pm
M-rise: 5:38pm
M-set: 4:56am
Len: 14h 35m
Twi A: 3:54am
Twi N: 4:51am
Twi: 5:38am
Rise: 6:15am
Noon: 1:34pm
Set: 8:53pm
Twi: 9:31pm
Twi N: 10:18pm
Twi A: 11:14pm
M-rise: 6:51pm
M-set: 5:08am
Len: 14h 38m
Twi A: 3:51am
Twi N: 4:48am
Twi: 5:36am
Rise: 6:13am
Noon: 1:34pm
Set: 8:55pm
Twi: 9:32pm
Twi N: 10:20pm
Twi A: 11:17pm
M-rise: 8:04pm
M-set: 5:20am
Len: 14h 42m
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Daylight Saving/Summer Time is in effect for the entire month.
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